New Bamboo Cutting Board
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The Meat Tenderizer Marinade Tool ensures that you'll never have to settle for dry or bland food again! With its practical and functional design, this marinade tool penetrates deep into your cut of meat to deliver optimum flavor infusion throughout!


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Product information:
Product Name: Bamboo Cutting Board

Product Dimension : 16.54 x 11.03 x 5.71 in

Item Weight : 7.65 pounds

Product description:
  • SAFE & ECOLOGICAL: The board is made from 100%-organic thick bamboo wood, FDA approved, BPA free and completely safe and natural. In addition, the board is well polished with a smooth surface, no artificial coatings.
  • KNIFE-FRIENDLY & DURABLE: The bamboo square cheese board has a smooth surface which is perfect for your knife. Besides, there won't be any marks left from the knife.
  • MANY WAYS TO USE: This perfect cutting board is often used as a cheese board. It has 4 containers, and it also has additional spaces for meat and crackers which makes the board a perfect wine and cheese serving tray for parties.
  • EXTENSIBLE & NOVEL: The food trays and the stainless steel shelf is dismountable and can be stored , making the cutting board extensible and space-saving. Even though, it can be very stable after assembled. The iPad plate is reinforced and can be fastened to the shelf through a small snap-fit so that you can watch recipe videos while cooking.
  • AWESOME GIFT: A good gift should be both good-looking and useful. That's why the unique wooden cheese board is a perfect fit for a housewarming gift. It will make a good decoration for the kitchen because of the custom bamboo wood and the convenient novel design. It will definitely be used frequently.
Use it to defrost everything. Then can put the whole thing in the chiller draw
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